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About The Zanki Team

Our team, which is based in Tanzania, is skilled and committed, and we welcome you with open arms. We bring you an immersive, genuine, and remarkable safari experience you won't soon forget. Our team specializes in creating customized, well-paced itineraries that combine appealing destinations, thrilling safari adventure options, and peculiar accommodations.

Why us?

Are you a devoted traveler who has Tanzania on her/his bucket list? You want to be sure you book with the best for an experience of a lifetime like this. For your trip planning, we are undoubtedly the best option and most reliable partner. ​​
We think that tourism should be utilized for good and that, when done responsibly, it can help Tanzania thrive economically as well as in terms of conservation. Let's start planning your Zanki Experience! We guarantee to find you the vacation style that best suits you.

Need a Custom Tour?

Contact us for more information on our current development of itineraries and offers.